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Winning With Accountability is a Best-Seller with over 100,000 copies in print. The book introduces you to the ‘Language of Accountability’. Our clients lead in more than 25 business sectors and when using our Winning With Accountability™ training, gain a Competitive Advantage.

We take the concept of accountability from punitive to positive. When using our Winning With Accountability™ method, our clients implement their strategies at 8x the published Harvard average.

Winning With Accountability is the book for people who want simple strategies to make accountability real, and to make it stick.

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Boost Your Team’s Performance!
Henry Evans delivers powerful concepts and practical tips to build accountability, and ultimately, boost team performance. He artfully translates the concept of accountability into simple, actionable steps, then brings them to life with real-world illustrations. Using Evans’ language of accountability will create a competitive advantage for any team. A great ROI for a 2-hour read!

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.
"Stick To it"

Over the course of my professional career I have read numerous best-selling business books, and after reading each one I would typically keep some of the key insights in mind, but inevitably, this would only last a couple of weeks before those insights lost their impact. This book is different. I recently purchased a copy for my Managing Partner with the intention that we introduce and integrate the book’s “accountability language” into our workplace. I fully anticipate this book will change the culture at my firm.

C. Barhydt
Amazon Customer and Reviewer

Of course, I read this, nodding my head up and down, and thought, “Ok, I know this…” And then, Henry gave me one of the greatest tools I’ve received in a long time; he shares “The Language of Specificity.” Bottom line: Get this book, read this book, share it with your staff. THEY will thank you for it.

Jason Womack
“Your Best Just Got Better”

This book presents a wonderful combination of tools, examples and ‘how-to’ formulas that will inspire people to take on the mission of ‘accountability’ with confidence and enthusiasm. This is the most effective and interesting teaching and learning tool for accountability I’ve seen.

Keith Peterson

This book establishes the basic foundation for achieving success in any organization. And it delivers that message in a way that can be understood easily and applied readily by professionals at any point in their career. Only by creating a culture of accountability can organizations fully achieve their potential and sustain success. This book will become a staple in every company library and a requirement for leadership development courses everywhere.

Janine Javanovic
Executive Vice President
Asset Optimization Solutions Real Page

Winning With Accountability™ is a concise, easy-to-read guide for any large, medium or small business that wishes to create a more effective organization. I started using these principles before I finished reading the book. Henry pulls no punches in delivering methods any reader can apply immediately

Gerald Alley
Con-Real, LP

Accountability is such an important business concept, particularly as organizations get more globally focused and pursue multiple initiatives to drive performance. Here, the concept is presented in a very simple, easy-to-understand manner. In less than 90 minutes, I was able to take away some powerful tools that I’m finding helpful in managing a complex business.

Scott Schulman
Dow Jones Financial Information Services

Learn the language used by leading companies, government agencies, and MBA programs around the world. By having a crisp method for making and requesting accountable commitments, you increase business performance while building key relationships.

Our method is intellectually simple, and immediately applicable. Learn the language of accountability in under 90 minutes of reading.

Winning With Accountability is a simple ‘how-to’ guide for improving your communication in your very next e-mail, text, meeting, video conference, or phone call.

Other books about Accountability are “old school” and preach a lot of antiquated theory. Based on research with over 250 companies and thousands of leaders, we show you:

  • The New Definition of Accountability™
  • The Language which leads to relationship and project failure
  • The Four Pieces of the Accountability Puzzle™
  • The Power of Reflection
  • Your Role in building an Accountable Culture
  • Putting it into action

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