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We partner with global enterprise customers to bring transformational experiences, change, measured growth, and lasting impactful programs with sustainable impact that fits into your way of doing business.

We roll up our sleeves and coach your team to the full execution of your business plans, optimizing your return on your planning investment. We commit to working alongside you to see the process through to success.

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Dynamic Results is a boutique firm offering consulting and coaching solutions to clients across the globe.

We apply our proprietary Winning With Accountability™ and Emotional Safety® methods and tools to help organizations execute strategy, develop leadership, manage change and enhance performance at an organizational, team, and individual level.

Our concepts and methodologies have been recognized by the media and academic institutions in the US, Europe, and Asia.

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Boost Your Team’s Performance!
Henry Evans delivers powerful concepts and practical tips to build accountability, and ultimately, boost team performance. He artfully translates the concept of accountability into simple, actionable steps, then brings them to life with real-world illustrations. Using Evans’ language of accountability will create a competitive advantage for any team. A great ROI for a 2-hour read!

Lee J. Colan, Ph.D.
"Stick To it"

Over the course of my professional career I have read numerous best-selling business books, and after reading each one I would typically keep some of the key insights in mind, but inevitably, this would only last a couple of weeks before those insights lost their impact. This book is different. I recently purchased a copy for my Managing Partner with the intention that we introduce and integrate the book’s “accountability language” into our workplace. I fully anticipate this book will change the culture at my firm.

C. Barhydt
Amazon Customer and Reviewer

Of course, I read this, nodding my head up and down, and thought, “Ok, I know this…” And then, Henry gave me one of the greatest tools I’ve received in a long time; he shares “The Language of Specificity.” Bottom line: Get this book, read this book, share it with your staff. THEY will thank you for it.

Jason Womack
“Your Best Just Got Better”

This book presents a wonderful combination of tools, examples and ‘how-to’ formulas that will inspire people to take on the mission of ‘accountability’ with confidence and enthusiasm. This is the most effective and interesting teaching and learning tool for accountability I’ve seen.

Keith Peterson

This book establishes the basic foundation for achieving success in any organization. And it delivers that message in a way that can be understood easily and applied readily by professionals at any point in their career. Only by creating a culture of accountability can organizations fully achieve their potential and sustain success. This book will become a staple in every company library and a requirement for leadership development courses everywhere.

Janine Javanovic
Executive Vice President
Asset Optimization Solutions Real Page

Winning With Accountability™ is a concise, easy-to-read guide for any large, medium or small business that wishes to create a more effective organization. I started using these principles before I finished reading the book. Henry pulls no punches in delivering methods any reader can apply immediately

Gerald Alley
Con-Real, LP

If you think that emotional intelligence is about being nice or avoiding conflict and you see yourself as a leader, you’d better get this book. Step Up introduces you to the nitty-gritty of emotionally intelligent leadership. You’ll find examples and suggestions on how to handle negative emotions and arm yourself for those make-or-break leadership moments.

J. Stein, Ph.D.
Emotional Intelligence for Dummies

As Evans and Foster so wisely point out in Step Up, most often leadership is in the moment. Drawing on their considerable experience, Evans and Foster identify six critical opportunities to lead, and they offer practical and tangible ideas about how anyone can ‘step up’ and take ownership of these moments. This book artfully unravels many of the complexities and demystifies the actions needed to make something positive happen. Step Up is a valuable addition to the library of all leaders who want to make their teams and organizations more effective.

Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
The Leadership Challenge

Evans and Foster point out that leadership is something we all do, even if we didn’t understand our role as leaders before. With examples from widely-known leaders and case studies from their consulting practice, Step Up shows how to manage and listen to our anger and anxiety, improving our mental models and creating emotional safety around us. This lively, accurate, and practical book will inspire readers.

John D. Mayer
Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire, and author, Personal Intelligence

Innovation requires decisiveness and tough discussions where assumptions and ideas are explored and challenged. In Step Up, Evans and Foster give a roadmap to help any organization gain a competitive edge by igniting leadership at every level of the organization.

Soren Kaplan, Ph.D.
Wall Street Journal bestseller Leapfrogging