Recovered Addict. Peaceful Warrior. Celebrity Trainer. Elite Athlete. Exercise Alchemist. Passionate about the power of holistic exercise to transform the world


You Are a Health Warrior…

and the ultimate enemies are your greed, your fear, your ignorance, your hatred, your laziness, and attachment. Your bodymind is the ultimate weapon, and through training your body and mind, you will slay your internal demons, transform your life, serve the human tribe, and help heal the world.

It All Began When I Was Little:

I started working out to “look better naked”, but exercise ended up transforming me. It has empowered me to be stronger physically and mentally, feel better within my body and about my body, and be more confident and pro-active in all areas of life.

Exercise helped me overcome a drug addiction…

It allowed me to heal my disc herniation…

It has taught me how to master my body, so I don’t get sick…

And it has the power to transform the world.

And it will do the same for you if you let it.

I help people connect to their inner source of power through exercise, and create experiences that offer a deep encounter and undeniable experience of you were born to be.


  • B.S. of Psychology from New York University

Completed Fitness Certifications:


Group Fitness Experience:

  •  3 Years Experience Teaching Group Fitness
  • Jump Rope Class- everything from basic warm up, fundamental rope skills,  jump choreography, and transitions to more advanced power skills.
  • Body Sculpting Class- whole body conditioning using mainly body weight exercises and precise movements to strengthen and tone the entire body.
  • Qigong & Meditation- a fluid movement meditation, involving gentle motions that channel the human energy field and life force of the body.  Deeply healing, relaxing, and a wonderful compliment for high intensity training, Qigong helps balance the body for a deep realization of health.
  • TrainDeep ™- Jonathan’s signature class, combining his 12 years experience as a trainer and a lifetime of training in Martial Arts, Yoga, and sports.  This one of a kind holistic exercise experience is a fluid combination of body weight strength training, Yoga, Qigong, and meditation.  Explore the inseparable connection between the spiritual and physical, and learn a practical method of self-discovery and healing.  The real enemies in life lie within ourselves, such as greed, hatred, anger, laziness, etc.  TrainDeep™ is a system for your inner warrior to acknowledge and overcome your internal demons through conscious movement. Become the best version of yourself and transform every aspect of your life through holistic exercise.
  • Flywheel Sports- Spin instructor!

You did what now?!?!:

  •  7 years of uninterrupted health
  • Health Expert for
  • 2012 Empire State Building Run Up 28th place out of 666 Finishers
  • 2013 Empire State Building Race 14th place out of 700+ competitors
  • 2013 Raised $5,519 for Stoked Mentoring.
  • 2011 Warriors Dash 38th place out of 10,321 Finishers
  • Raised Over $7,000 for New York Road Runners Youth Fitness Charity
  • Self-healed Disc Herniation in Neck
  • Self-healed Drug Addict
  • Black Belt Shotokan Karate
  • Taoist Dragon Gate School of Complete Reality: 22nd Generation Lineage Holder

Rated the 7th Hottest Trainer in America by Shape Magazine

Success Stories:

biggest-loser2-jillian21“I love my trainer Jonathan!  I hate working out, but he some how manages to make it fun and effective.  I always look forward to coming to NYC and training with him, and I always leave a week later a few pounds lighter!  I just wish he was in LA so I could train with him all the time.”

Jillian Michaels, Fitness Celebrity, NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”


adina“This is going to sound ridiculously corny, but working with Jonathan has literally changed my life.  Before I was committed to him, I was always making excuses, and I never thought my body could look and feel this way, but he did!  He confidently taught me how to exercise, train myself, and made suggestions for my diet.  I could immediately tell he really cared about me and my goals, and I truly believe that Jonathan cares about my mind, body, and soul.  He is SO MUCH MORE THAN A PERSONAL TRAINER, he is more like a personal guru, a friend, and family.  I am so grateful for the results I have achieved while working with him.  I recommend him to all my clients and friends.  I am 35 and my body looks and feels better then it did in my 20′s.”

Adina Azarian, Owner of Adina Equities, NYC Real Estate Maven



“Jonathan’s expertise in personal training and passion for learning about the human body is only surpassed by his commitment to his client’s and their goals.  Through the years, he and his team have been there to guide, coach, and inspire.  I recommend his services to my patients every week, knowing that they will be in safe hands and will come back to me in a year much healthier.”

Dr. Warren Licht, Chief Medical Officer, Downtown Hostpital


“Training with Jonathan has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before I started our sessions, I felt like I just couldn’t get myself on a good strength training program. Now I am much more diligent with my training and feel stronger, happier, and healthier. Aside from his vast knowledge of anatomy and movement, his positive outlook and encouragement gives me confidence during our sessions and forces me to be more proactive about training on my own. As a physical therapist, I would highly recommend Jonathan to my patients and know that they are in great hands!”

Karen Litzy, owner Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, P.C.

Marc Forgione

“As a chef I eat a lot and work crazy hours and sometimes get stuck in a terrible cycle where the gym seems like somewhere thousands of miles away.

Jonathan Angelilli not only got me back into the gym but made me look at it in an entirely new way.  His knowledge of the human body and what exercises to do was really eye opening and life changing.

I find myself making time that I never thought I had to get into the gym 4 to 5 times a week instead of 4 to 5 times a year, and doing exercises I never even heard of before thanks to Jonathan.”

Iron Chef Marc Forgione

“Jonathan is a fantastic trainer, who works thru the top private trainer gym in the city.  He is my personal trainer and a good friend for over 6 years, kicking my butt and I still love him.  Personally, I love how he listens to what I need and caters my workout to it, really getting the most out of me.  He is a fantastic resource.   You should have seen me happily dying in the gym last week.”

Eddie Freiberg- Carbon Member, Real Estate Broker



“I felt like a new person after 1 session with Jonathan.  I was taken by his incredibly sharp and intuitive assessments.  As much as we were communicating as we went along, I felt he always had an inner eye on what was needed.  A very special approach.  The Zen Trainer and the Art of Peak Mountain Climbing.”

 Natalie Galzka, Producer, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner

“Jonathan is an awesome, positive force of nature. He pulls everyone into his vision of a beautiful Life.  Every word he says is true.”

 Phoebe Legere- Transmedia Artist,



Video Testimonial From Client David Pinkerton

 Personal Photos:

head shot by Walter Vosburg


2012 NYRR 5th Ave Mile- Finish Time 5:20


Rock Climbing in the French Alps


Human Flag!


My inner child is alive and well, and fully integrated in me!



Snowboarding in VT- My other "favorite" passion...